About me

Thanks for visiting my official website.
I am Thalasso hobbyer, a Japanese diorama artist.
This site mainly contains links to sites about me and a gallery of images of my works. I will also post information about sales and auctions here.
I have put some of my works on eBay auction a while ago. However, the artwork was sabotaged by a mischievous bid. This is what made me hesitate to put my work up for auction.
Another reason is that my works are large in size and heavy in weight. It costs a lot of money to transport them. This imposes a great burden on the buyer. Packing packages is also very difficult.
For the above reasons, I am temporarily suspending the sale and display of my works at auctions at this time. Someday, if I find a way to solve this problem, I would like to try selling again.
I am sure that you came here to visit my YouTube channel and became interested in my work.
I hope you enjoy the image gallery of my work. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your interest in my work and for spending your valuable time for me.

Thalasso hobbyer